Official Selections 2022


About Mental Health [Canada]
Abracadavers: Season 2 [Canada]
Anacostia [United States]
Arthur, Season 2 [Switzerland]
Avocado Toast, Season 2 [Canada]
Bad at This [Canada]
BILLIE & ROSE [Belgium]
Chronicles of Keegan [United States]
College Girls [Canada]
Complete Time Travel Guide [Spain]
Creepy Bits Chapter 3 – Special Guest [Canada]
Dating Unlocked [Canada]
Decolonizing History [Canada]
Denis and Me [Canada]
Detention Adventure, Season 3 [Canada]
DJ Burnt Bannock [Canada]
Doctor Faustus [United Kingdom]
Downtown [Netherlands]
Farm Crime [Canada]
Gay, Asian, Immigrant [United States]
Happy House of Frightenstein [Canada]
Happy Transmissions [United States]
Hogtown/ Ainsi va Manu [Canada]
Homeschooled [Canada]
Just the two of us Season 2 [Canada]
Lady Ada’s Secret Society [Canada]
LADYBITS [Luxembourg]
Laundering [Canada]
Like in Movies, Season 2 [Japan]
Lower East Asides [United States]
Mary and Flo: On the Go [Canada]
MATARIFE (The Butcher) [Colombia]
Maybe, Marriage [Singapore]

Netc@fè [Italy]
Night Witches [Kazakhstan]
No, you’re stupid! [Russian Federation]
One Woman [Israel]
Orbital Redux [United States]
Ordinary Life Chronicles [Canada]
Outlaw Land [Canada]
Pepper: Ricochet [United States]
Polkaroo Counts [Canada]
Poutiner [Australia]
Recife is an egg [Brazil]
Romp [Australia]
SCHEJ [United States]
Scratch This [United States]
Sigma [Canada]
Sisters! [United States]
Sleep With Me [Singapore]
Sloppy Jones [Canada]
Sui Generis, Season 3 [New Zealand]
Swipe Monster [United States]
The Arena, Season 2 [Canada]
The Gambler [Kazakhstan]
The Laurels [Canada]
THE OBSESSION [Russian Federation]
The Stu Sessions [Canada]
The Super(very)villains [France]
The Thing With Jed [United States]
This is not a hotel [Argentina]
Tilt Pinball, Season 2 [Canada]
Topline [Canada]
Totò e Daiana [United Kingdom]
U-HAULING [Canada]
Weirdos [Canada]
Welcome to Soulshine [Canada]
Where’s My Alphabet? [Canada]
Wipe me away [Canada]
Zero Method [United States]

In 2023, we have introduced new categories and have brought back some past ones.

Primary Awards

Best Web Series – Grand Prize
Best English Canadian Web Series
Best French Canadian Web Series
Best International Web Series
Best Toronto Web Series
Suzette Laqua Best of BC Web Series
Best LGBTQ+ Web Series

Genre Awards

Best Comedy Web Series
Best Drama Web Series
Best Documentary Web Series
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Web Series
Best Horror Web Series
Best Thriller/Action Web Series
Best Variety/Musical Web Series
Best Lifestyle Web Series
Best Branded Web Series
Best Animated Web Series
Best Children Web Series (12 and under)
Best Youth Web Series (13-18)
Best Scripted Podcast
Best Unscripted Podcast

Other Prizes

May or may not be given at the option of the jury.

Open to anyone person who occupied at least three of the following four key roles in connection with a selected web series, as listed in your FilmFreeway submission form: writer, director, director of photography, and lead actor. Finalists will be determined by the highest overall scores as determined by the festival jury.

The Honorable Mention Awards are given to artists and production companies that stand out and deserve special recognition. The jury may award as many honorable mentions as it feels is necessary.

Craft Awards

Best Directing
Best Writing
Best Editing
Best Actor in a Canadian Web Series
Best Supporting Actor in a Canadian Web Series
Best Actor in an International Web Series
Best Supporting Actor in an International Web Series
Best Ensemble Cast
Ben Houtman Memorial Award for Best Cinematography
Best Original Score
Best Production Design
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Design
Best Costume Design
Best Hair & Makeup