Walking Shadows Vol. 2

Walking Shadows Vol. 2


Please note: the submission video contains episodes 1, 2 & 4. There are 8 episodes in total and 21 actors in the lead cast, playing 28 roles. The season is releasing on YouTube and can be found on this Vimeo playlist (with English subtitles): https://vimeo.com/showcase/10433536

Please see the attached completed trailer to get a sense of the overall series.

Twenty-eight Shakespeare characters, one theatre company Season Launch … and a ghost. Welcome to Walking Shadows Vol. 2.

In a Shakespearean mash up consisting of a series of vignettes that play out over one night, Walking Shadows Vol. 2 tells the story of the Everyman Theatre Co. as we join them for their 2023 season launch. Each episode dips in and out of conversations and encounters, unearthing the rivalries, jealousies, personal dilemmas and occasional downright murderous intent of its company members and assorted patrons over one of the most important nights of their artistic year.

Walking Shadows Vol. 2 pulls characters from across nine of Shakespeare’s plays into a new imagining of what would happen if they all met in the overheated circumstances of a theatre company plagued by artistic rivalry and ambition on the eve of launching their most ambitious program to date, with a crowd peppered with company members alongside wealthy patrons of the Arts they are trying to impress, who have their own secrets to hide. This new season of the series, featuring a cavalcade of Shakespeare characters, takes the work in a brand-new direction as we watch some thrive, some plot and many unravel.

And did we mention they also have a haunted theatre to contend with?

Walking Shadows Vol. 2 … what’s past is prologue …

Commissioned by Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia
Produced by Incognita Enterprises
Created & Directed by Sally McLean
Featuring the Full Time Acting Graduating Students of 2022 from Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia

More information about the series: https://www.walkingshadows.com.au