The Mismanagement of Medwin Monroe

The Mismanagement of Medwin Monroe


A Machiavellian middle manager toys with his employees in this send-up of Corporate America.

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Created & Written by Kevin Garbee

Directed by Alex Wroten

Starring Kevin Garbee

Special Appearances by John Kirk, Ian Armstrong, Chris Honorio, Michael C. Alexander, Jessica Ellis, Cristin McAlister, Ben Boodman, Rachel Rosenfeld, Jessica Cyrell, Ginger Pennington, Aya Chapman, Michelle Miracle, Analysia Gramajo, James Lontayao, Steven Krimmel, Shannon Hollander, Greg Lucey, Kai Chapman, Kristine Gerolaga, Scott Seagren, Juliana Carbone, and Oren Skoog

Camera: Andy Rolfe, Scott Seagren, and Lindsay Wolfe-Wroten
Hair & Makeup: Juliana Carbone
Original Music: Alex Wroten
Editing & Color: Sander Roth
Audio Editing: Axel Towner
Production Assistant: Shawn Cook

Produced by Kevin Garbee and Alex Wroten