Shakespeare Republic: (The Lockdown Chronicles)

Shakespeare Republic: (The Lockdown Chronicles)


Filmed in lockdown during the global pandemic of 2020 … Twenty-four souls, six cities – one shared experience of being human.

Using Shakespeare’s original text and characters, we shine a light on the human experience in a COVID-19 world.

Building on the success of the previous two seasons of the multi-award-winning web series, Shakespeare Republic (2015-2017), this new season of the work turns the lens on Shakespeare’s characters in lockdown, featuring actors from Australia and around the world.

Created, adapted, and directed by Australian actor/director, Sally McLean (who directed all the actors in real time via video conferencing software from Melbourne, as they filmed themselves on their smartphones in their respective homes across 3 continents), we look through a myriad of windows from Australia, Scotland, England and the USA into the current shared experience of human beings in isolation.

Reflecting a plethora of experiences in lockdown, including homeschooling, YouTube bingeing, mental health, death of a loved one, Zoom dating and more, we train a lens on the shared human experience that connects us, despite our physical separation.