Once upon a time, bitches were soft. As fuck. Then the met boys, and learned that feelings are not allowed to be involved. In anything. That’s when SCHEJ (that’s Samira, Charli, Emma, and Jess) comes in. (They know it’s literally the worst girl-group name of all time, but they thrive in it.) SCHEJ gives the boys a taste of their own medicine. The art of scheming and getting revenge is that they have each other’s backs. Every. Time. But what happens when the baddest bitches alive start catching feels against their will? SCHEJ follows four young women as they navigate their relationships with each other, with men, and with rules. It shows the lengths women go to feel the intimate behind-closed-doors power that is so often associated with men. SCHEJ questions the scales on which sexual power is measured. Spoiler alert – no fairytale endings. They think…. right?