Avocado Toast / Season 2


With Molly and Elle’s friendship left hanging in question, we start season 2 with Molly in London, England facing both her heartbreak from ‘The One’ and her new endometriosis/adenomyosis diagnoses. Back in Toronto, Elle has found herself a member of “Community”, a retreat where she went to recoup after a nervous breakdown. What was meant to be a 2-week mental health break is now going on 5 months… and the fact that it is definitely a cult is clear to everyone but Elle. Meanwhile, the ambitious Jordan has been juggling the ad agency he and Elle had started on his own. But when a high-stakes client requires him to go retrieve Elle he finds a very different version of his old workaholic/party-girl friend. In the meantime, Molly returns to Toronto and must learn how to ask for help in order to receive the surgery and support that she needs and Elle feels like everyone who ever loved her in the real world has abandoned her, and turns all of her co-dependant tendencies to “Community”. As Molly and Elle navigate their unseen illnesses and their paths continue to diverge, a permanent friendship-breakup seems inevitable… or could their paths to self-discovery bring them back together?