Shahriar El Kosht

Shahriar El Kosht



Director Story

Between 2004 and 2007, Adham El Kosht ??made his studies in Film and Television Production as well as in Communication Sciences, in his hometown, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Always versatile, Shahriar has participated in more than 30 short films, plays and feature films either as a director, editor, screenwriter and / or actor, shooting in Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada, Egypt and Dubai.

Already residing in Canada in 2010, Shahriar worked as a screenwriter for the firm “Immervision” while making acting appearances in various French-speaking short films and series, thus obtaining his first leading role in the independent feature film “Marche avec moi (Walk beside me)”.

In recent years, he has been placed behind the camera again. Whether in the VFX industry or in video games, Adham was creatively involved within the 3D cinematography department. Some titles include “Assassin’s Creed, WatchDogs, Call of Duty, Borderlands, The Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, BFG, and The Jungle Book.

Currently, based in Québec, he spends his free time creating independent short films such as “los nsectos”, “El tiempo del Agua”, “2 Reinas” and “The Reminder”.