M. Raihan Halim

M. Raihan Halim



Director Story

Calling himself a part-time writer/director and fulltime storyteller, Raihan’s career in television began after winning two Golden Pen Awards at the MDA: National Scriptwriting Competition in 2005 and 2007. He has since been known for pushing boundaries of storytelling on both film and television screens with notable works shown across all four channels in Singapore.

In 2014, Raihan embarked on his debut film, Banting. A feel-good comedy film about a girl in hijab who aspires to be a professional wrestler, Banting was the first commercial Malay film to be shown in the cinemas since the 70s. The film met with an overwhelming response and was screened at the 34th Hawaii International Film Festival.

Since then, he’s continued to bring honour to the country’s name with sci-fi series SR115 which he won for Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Asian Academy Creative Awards. The following year, SR115 swoop up multiple Pesta Perdana Awards — among them — Best Drama (as Executive Producer), Best Director, and Best Script.

As he awaits the release for his second film, Ibu, in August of 2020, he continues working on his next film, La Luna — which won two awards from the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF). Raihan looks forward to creating content for the worldwide audience. Apart from his own projects, Raihan was also on the Story Development Team for the critically acclaimed and hit Mediacorp series, Lion Mums, for four seasons.