Kenneth Cheong

Kenneth Cheong



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Kenneth Cheong
A director with a strong focus on exploring the underdog theme. Spent his formative years in television broadcast and commercials. Always eager to explore the human condition.

Working out of Asia, he is familiar with her many quirks and nuances. Ever ready to take on genre-defining stories.


Victor Manggunio
His directing style is distinctly cinematic with a strong focus on realistic acting and delivery. His passion for telling deep human stories whether it be through poignant dialogue or powerful visuals, is present in all his work. His favorite genres to direct are drama, humour (dry or dark) and emotive work such as dance or music.

A mix of Indonesian, Chinese, Filipino and Japanese, Victor grew up in Vancouver, Canada. With the unique adaptability of a third culture kid, he instinctively understands different cultural nuances and that contributes to his astute point of view.