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TOWF 2022 - What To Expect

T.O. Webfest has changed the way we look at web series today, and we’re happy to announce the biggest change in 9 years to the festival. T.O. Webfest has now evolved from a multi-day festival to a digital showcase featuring live creator spotlights at WSC Talks.

WebSeries Canada Conference (WSC) expands our offerings with WSC Talks, a series of live interactive presentations and interviews from leading web series creators and industry professionals.

WSC Talks is a live interactive format that aims to showcase web series funders and suppliers as well as the work of selected creators.

TOWF 2022 is going to be our best festival yet! This year we will be offering a level up with lots of great events, learning opportunities, networking sessions, merch, and more!

The Spark Equity Program ensures that cost is not a barrier for anyone to participate in the festival. This fund will provide submission fees to those that may require it and identify as Black, Indigenous or persons of colour. Click for more info!

The Diversity Initiative is for the Under-Represented in our industry and will provide submission fees to TOWF9 for those that may require it and identify with a Disability or as Women or the LGBTQ2 community. Click for more info!

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